Web Development.

Will the “Interwebs” ever catch on?

In 1997, virtually none of our clients were using the web to advertise or sell services. Fast forward to today. Virtually everything exists virtually.

From the books we read to the shows we watch, from the way we advertise to the way we buy, so much of it is done on-line. And Flek has the skill sets and tools to get your business or product on-line too. Using our well honed design strategies, Flek creates website solutions which are elegant, simple to navigate and true to your brand. Some website designers are technology geeks, void of formal design training.  Flek’s 20 plus years in the design field gives us an edge on the competition. We employ WordPress to create websites. Our flexible, responsive work flow involves you the client at every step of the process. Feedback and testing give us valuable information, so that when your site goes live, it is the perfect reflection of your business. Flek has designed for lawyers, trucking companies, manufacturers, fashion designers, professional organizations, and non-profits. A website to fit your needs guaranteed!

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